Gate Industries has extensive experience with electrical, mechanical and environmental testing done on cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, circuit card assembly and other electro-mechanical assemblies.  These are tests commonly performed in accordance with MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-202 or customer requirements.  Environmental testings are humidity, low temperature, high temperature and thermal shock with environmental chambers.  Electrical tests such as continuity, insulation resistance and dielectric withstanding voltage are performed with calibrated special electrical equipment.  Mechanical tests such as terminal strength, flexural tests and bending radii tests are also commonly performed with tension/force gages and custom built fixtures. 

cable test1_1.JPG cable test2.JPG cable test3.JPG temp test -deg.JPG
High Voltage Multi Function Test Milliohm Test Continuity Test Temperature Test
humidity chamber.JPG temp chamber.JPG PULL test.JPG  
Humidity Chamber Temperature Chamber Pull Tester  
submergence test.JPG chemicals_08.JPG humidity_00 chamber.JPG performance.JPG
Immersion Test Chemical Test Humidity Test Performance Test
wave soldering.JPG wire cutting and stripping machine.JPG ultrasonic.JPG vacuume chamber.JPG
Wave Soldering Machine Cable Cut and Strip machine Ultrasonic Bonding Machine Vacuum Chamber
Magnetizing Machine      
mold.JPG molding example.JPG    
Mold Example Molding Example