About Gate Industries

Gate Industries was established in 2008 as defense/aerospace contractor in Long Beach, California.

Prime Government customers are: TACOM-Rock Island, TACOM-Warren, DSCR, DSCC, US Air Force and US Navy.  Also, Gate Industries has pending subcontracts and sub-subcontracts with major aerospace companies that are prime contractors with the Government.  Gate Industries has participated in major weapon programs such as M1A1, M60, Bradleys, HMMWV, MRAP, F16, F18, and several missile programs.                                        


Quality Assurance

Gate Industries prides in its high quality standards with AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008, J-STD, IPC-620 certifications competitive price and most of all on-time delivery.  This provides best value to all customers.


Gate Industries is a certified Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) and a participant in the DoD defense contracting business.  Gate Industries’ primary business is in providing comprehensive engineering and product design and manufacturing to customer specifications, prototype development, and manufacturing for U.S. DoD and its prime contractors.  Additionally, we offer full service built-to-print electronic parts and equipment, electro-mechanical assemblies, optic assemblies, etc.